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Maurizio Bolognini, IMachine #16 (1992),  serie Macchine programmate/Programmed Machines series.
Installazione pubblica (videoproiezione flusso IM#16)/Public installation (IM#16 flow video-projection), Museo dei Mezzi di Comunicazione, Palazzo dei Priori, Arezzo 2010 


Maurizio Bolognini Maurizio Bolognini


IM#16 (1992)

"The conclusion I came to about this was that in these series my work is the machine, programmed and running, and then, if it is not 'sealed', in other words if it can be hooked up to a monitor or a projector, the operation can be carried out by anyone (a curator, a collector, etc.) and according to any criterion. Once programmed, the machine is self-sufficient and how it is used is no longer any of my business..." (MB, Machines, 2010)