Maurizio BologniniMaurizio BologniniMaurizio Bolognini
Programmed Machines. IMs series (1988-)

Mi interessava l'operatività della macchina (la macchina funzionante), che mi consentiva di lavorare con la velocità, la ripetizione e la variazione infinita.”

Installazioni di computer (IMachines) programmati per produrre flussi inesauribili di immagini casuali e lasciati funzionare all'infinito.
Installations of computers (IMachines) which are programmed to produce endless flows of random images and left to function indefinitely.

MACRO, Museo di Arte Contemporanea, Roma, 2011 ;

Roger Smith Lab, New York, 2006

Santa Caterina, Arezzo, 2010


"Some interesting points when reflecting on this aspect, comparing before and after in the new technologies, can also be found in some writings by Yves Klein. A few months ago I put on an exhibition in Nice and one of the works was ICB (Interactive Collective Blue), the initialism for my interactive and democratic blues, which, as I was in Nice, recalled IKB (International Klein Blue). So I read some things by Klein and in particular the Chelsea Hotel Manifesto, where he wrote: 'Would not the future artist be he who expressed through an eternal silence an immense painting possessing no dimension?'. Here we have everything: silence, the infinite sequence, the different spatial dimension. Obviously Klein was referring to his own work, but it is (perhaps by chance, as often happens in art) a prophetic statement which can be more properly applied to the new technologies. The correspondences with some characteristics of my Programmed Machines may seem surprising, although it really only depends on the fact that the idea of silent, immense images in continuous expansion has always been one of the aspirations entertained by artists. Creating universes… Klein expressed this using words like 'silence', 'eternal', 'immense'. These machines work in silence (and in some case blindly, even denying the spectator the opportunity to view the images produced) and work uninterruptedly, in time and space......."


IM#16 (1992), Museo dei Mezzi di Comunicazione, Palazzo dei Priori, Arezzo, 2010

"The conclusion I came to about this was that in these series my work is the machine, programmed and running, and then, if it is not 'sealed', in other words if it can be hooked up to a monitor or a projector, the operation can be carried out by anyone (a curator, a collector, etc.) and according to any criterion. Once programmed, the machine is self-sufficient and how it is used is no longer any of my business......"

Enrico Pedrini + Bolognini's IM#9 (1988), Roger Smith Lab, New York, 2006.


   IM#16 (1992)


Programmed Machines. WMs series (1988-)
Installazioni di computer
(WMachines) programmati per produrre flussi di parole e voci (in latino) che si ascoltano in tempo reale nello spazio espositivo. e, in alcune versioni interattive, anche via internet e radio locali; il pubblico può integrare il vocabolario usato dalle macchine attraverso l’invio di SMS.
Installations of computers
(WMachines) which are programmed to generate real-time flows of words and voices (in Latin) which can be listened to in the exhibition space and, in some interactive installations, via the internet and local radio. By sending SMSs the public can expand the vocabulary used by the machines.  

Neon, Bologna, 2003